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Japanese Lessons in Toranomon

Practical, Tailor-made
Corporate Japanese Lessons

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Language School Specializing in
Business Japanese, Online or In-person,
from Complete Beginner to Advanced Levels

For over 25 years, Murasaki Japanese Institute (MJI) has been providing business professionals and their families with high-quality lessons through our unique and innovative methods. Our mission is to help anyone who wants to improve their lives or advance their careers in Japan by learning to communicate confidently and effectively in Japanese.



  • Tailor-made Lessons

    We will work with you to design your ideal course, based on your individual needs and goals: from broad skills such as negotiation and cross-cultural competence, to industry-specific including legal, banking, or IT.
  • English Explanations

    Our teachers can offer grammar and cultural explanations in English, if preferred, so that even complete beginners can feel comfortable. We understand how overwhelming it can be to dive into a new language, and we will help you every step of the way.
  • Teaching Experience

    All of our friendly and professional teachers have teaching qualifications and practical business experience. We run regular seminars to ensure our teachers are up-to-date with the latest pedagogical research.
  • Online or In-person

    We offer high quality Japanese lessons both online and in-person. MJI is in Toranomon, in the heart of Minato-ku, but we are happy to travel to your office in the surrounding areas of Tokyo. Hybrid lessons are also available.
  • Flexible Schedules

    Our lessons are available from 7:30 to 21:00. You can stop by for a lesson before or after work, or come for a lunchtime lesson. We offer a generous cancelation policy, so that you can stay motivated for learning Japanese in your busy schedules.
  • Visa Application Assistance

    Our director is a licensed Judicial Scrivener (Gyoseishoshi – Certified Administrative Procedure Legal Specialist). We have assisted with Naturalization, Permanent Residency and Visa issuance / renewal for clients from many different countries.



Practical, tailor-made
corporate Japanese lessons

Our tailor-made quick learning style will unleash your organization’s talents, free from communication issues. We combine cross-cultural training with beginner language lessons for a smooth transition into Japanese business society. If you are a newcomer to Japan, we will help you understand the culture and language to develop your business. For upper-beginner levels to high-advanced levels, we combine our industry specific vocabulary lessons with conversational grammar lessons.

We have provided our lessons to
more than 60 companies

Minato-ku, TOKYO


  • Located in Toranomon

    MJI is located in Toranomon, Minato-ku, the vital hub of business in Tokyo. We have refined our business Japanese lessons here for over 20 years.

  • Quick walk from the station

    We are a few minutes’ walk from both Toranomon and Toranomon Hills stations, and within walking distance from other convenient stations, as well.

  • At your office

    Our instructors are happy to travel to your office in the surrounding areas of Tokyo or Yokohama. Please ask for details regarding our lesson radius.




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